Saturday, December 19, 2009

Christmas party

I wore my mom's Christmas sweater, and a couple of Christmas pins!

Courtney's "creative sweater" was too itchy, so she ditched it... Dad's crazy sweater is PERFECTly beautiful! :)
I got to see my dear friend Kara and her baby Luke! It was great to catch up!
Shelby and I took a portrait in our crazy sweaters in front of the fireplace. Classic.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Been hanging around

I've been having lots of fun while on Sabbatical, here I am with Jon, Mom and Dad at In-N-Out... I love a fresh delicious hamburger, anytime!
Shelby and Dave

Baby Shower!

And make sure to check out more pics on Shelby's blog!

Soon to be Grandma's! (again!)
Delicious foods... Shelby practically did everything all by herself, she rocks!

Two of the funniest people I know...
Court got some really really cute stuff!

Sandi, Alyse, Maverick and Carol- we had so much fun with Alyse who flew out special for the shower!

The cutest boy I've seen in a long time... (excluding Connor of course!)

What I'll miss about NYC

My work friends! Anna, Mark, Isaac and JohnEspecially these two... Mark and Isaac!
Alicia, Becky and BRENDA!
Mark, Whitney, Ash and Rachel
April and Jeff
Kimmie Jones

And so many more! miss you all!

Christmas time is here!

Here I am with my new best friend...

Courtney fluffing branches for the tree assembly!
The red "2" ornament, signifying the 2 train in NYC! Isn't Courtney's pregnant belly cute?!
Dad (bkgd), Shelby and Mom!
The tree is beautiful! Stella likes ornaments too.

It SNOWED in Granite Bay!

Weird, right? It was GREAT!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009


I am a college graduate! Here's the proof...Yay me!