Friday, September 28, 2007

Out on the Town!

Yes, I actually have friends in New York (for all of you that may doubt it- due to hearing from me endlessly via cell phone, everyday, more than once). Here we are out to dinner at Ulyssees, this great little place located 2 blocks from my apartment! It only took me a year to find it! NY is kinda big. AND special thanks to Kim Jones (left) for helping me look tan in this picture! (Kim, Me, Lyndee, Brenda)

Mormon Night at the Mets! (no joke!) From left: Kim, Lyndee, Courtnie, Me

Lyndee, Courtnie, Ashley, Brenda, Kim and the baseball field... Go METS!

Woah, kind of close, and kind of big head, but still a-smiling! (Ashley, Lyndee, Kim)

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Fund Raiser for Mitt

With Mr. Romney himself! I said Hellooo! really long and drawn out- then I said (refering to my gpa and me) "We're liberal, but we like you!"

Momasita and Jon

Dad and his boyfriend Dale. Those two!

Yes, we KNOW we're sexy. Some guy was giving me the eyeballs in a mirror reflection- first I smiled then realized he was trying to flirt and slowly shifted out of his view and displayed my wedding ring. Puhlease!

Good looking brother Jon.
He's available.

What is your Daemon?

I am reading a book called "The Golden Compass." It is being made into a movie that comes out this winter.
In this world, a human's soul lives on the outside of their body in the form of a daemon- an animal spirit that accompanies them through life. A child's daemon can change shape, assuming all the forms that a child's potential inspires; but as a person ages, their daemon gradually settles into one form, according to their character and nature.

If you lived in this world, what would be your daemon?

Click here to see what your daemon is! Click on "Meet Your Daemon" to take the test!

I took the test and found out that my daemon is a Lion! Here he is...

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

just a pic:

I miss these girls SO much. Love you guys! (Sara, Me and Jennie)

Some Wedding Pics

(I'm already missing my cute hubby...can you tell?)

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

87 minutes and counting...

I've been on the phone with Delta skymiles for 87:34 minutes right now. But it's OK, because we are going to NEW YORK!! Matt and I are SO excited we can't wait, it's the 1st time for both of us. We even managed to pull off a "stop over" in SLC on the way back so we can go to the BYU v UTAH game (he is mildly obsessed with BYU football). So we'll see you in November Ashley!!!

Here is a picture of us at the rose bowl at the BYU v UCLA game. Parking is really strange there - we parked on a golf course and had to walk like 2 miles to get to the stadium, which you can't even really see because it is actually like a bowl in the ground! Here is also a funny surfing picture of Matt and 2 of his friends in San Clemente, same weekend.

My other FAVORITE!

Hip Hip Chin Chin

This Moves Me.

The Hummingbird and the Flower, starring Jamie and Hok from So You Think You Can Dance.

Monday, September 24, 2007

6 weeks in San Diego

Week 1: job hunting and applying
Week 2: Dave starts his job, Shelby goes to numerous interviews
Week 3: Couple moves in to apartment, Dave starts school, Shelby puts house together, and gets rejected from all Week 2 jobs.
Week 4: Dave busy with job and school. Shelby cleans kitchen 27 times, applies for many more jobs.
Week 5: Shelby gets 4 job offers and accepts the one that sounds the most promising- to start on Monday of Week 6.
Week 6: Shelby's background check takes too long to process and work postpones her start date 2 more weeks till Week 8, leaving Shelby home alone all day long going crazy and wasting money making time.

You see the personal dilemma.

Volitional character in short story- Shelby- offers herself up to previous employer for 2 weeks of work so she doesn't disappear in her own despair. Offer accepted. Shelby goes to Sacramento till October 7 to work at Pinney Insurance till her new job starts on the 8th. Dave continues work and school.

Week 7: Shelby hard at work misses Dave immensely- also hard at work. Wonders if trip was good idea.
Week 8: Couple is able to pay rent and all other bills- run off into the sunset of marital bliss together.

Friday Night

The highlight of my weekend.Walking down Broadway, found this little gem- a green kangaroo kiddy ride.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Marissa's First "Girl's Day Out"

Now that the "olders" (Jessie & Justin) are off at college, Marissa and I are finding ways to start some new traditions together. Today we began our newest one: "Girl's Day Out" - each month, we're picking a Saturday to do something really fun together...This month, it was my turn to choose, and I surprised Marissa with a day at the Ringling Brother's Circus. I didn't tell her where we were going until
we pulled into the parking lot at Arco Arena, and her face literally lit up with excitement as soon as she finally found out what the "surprise" was! She kept saying - "Thank you, thank you, thank YOU MOM!!!" We had so much fun...check out the video of one of our favorite moments today watching "Isis, the Painting Elephant..."

The Cutest thing ever...

Friday, September 21, 2007

David and Shelby's Honeymoon!

All of my brothers and sisters got together and sent Dave and I on a cruise! We went to Catalina and Ensenada Mexico on a 4 day ride- it was really fun! Here are a bunch of pics from the trip!

This is Dave in Long Beach standing in line to get on board!

A mi tambien!

El novio y la novia a la playa! just kidding, still in line...

View from our room in Mexico. Can you believe some guests don't even have a window at all?! And we had a huge one!

At an actual Mexican restaurant being serenaded by a 3 man band. I requested something muy romantico! And they finally figured out what I was saying and played it!

Authentic Mexican Corn Tortillas! Dave's favorite!!

I'm holding the biggest flag in Mexico. It's about a quarter mile away.

Dave in front of the boat....

...Or should I say SHIP. See how huge it was? That's me on the bottom left! Most of it was actually space for cabins.

Awe, how cute. Sunset on the top deck in the chilly windy wind.

I didn't push him! he must've slipped!
And they lived happily ever after! Thanks everyone! We loved our trip!

(The first night on the ship we walked into our room, bed turned down, and sitting on the end of it was an upright towel in the shape of a big phallus. I was so offended, I assumed it was a honeymoon gag. We didn't really get it until we heard about towel folding classes and realized it was actually a snake. Apparently, Carnival likes to fold towels into shapes of animals and leave them on your bed. They could have chosen, say, the elephant the first night, so we at least had SOME clue as to what was going on.)

At the nail salon

So this is the very first time I have ever blogged before. I feel old and out of touch with the new generation! Just wanted to share some pics from before Shelby got married. Like when Ash, Shelb and I went for a mani-pedi! And we even caught Dave on film enjoying one too!

Canibals of the Sea

Today I was looking at the National Geographic website, checking out current science news, when I ran across a startling video clip of Killer Whales. Killer Whales aren't actually whales, but the largest member of the Dolphin family.

They might as well be sharks, and that seal might as well be a scuba diver! I don't like 'em, and occasionally dream they're going to eat me.

Not so sure I'd want to be that guy... then again, Shamu (and yes, that is Shamu) is just a giant puppy, right?

Click here to see how Killer Whales got their name...

(if you're too lazy to look at the video clip, it's of a group of Killer Whales killing a massive California Grey Whale and it's calf... it is shocking.)

Thursday, September 20, 2007

The Evolution of Jon...

My multi-talented brother was born with hair as curly as mine...

This summer, Jon made friends with a hipster/punk and this was the result...

Then last weekend, I found out he traded in his curly jeans for straight ones!! The End.

Halloween this year...

Guess What??!!

It is almost Halloween (my favorite holiday) and I was just at Target last night buying hangers. Anywho I LOVE HALLOWEEN!!! I said that to Dave this morning "I am so excited it's almost October and thenit's Halloween and we get to eat lots of candy!" Dave paused, looked, "You are such a little kid. I don't know anyone who likes candy as much as you." I said my Mom likes it more (this is true- she's an addict.). But I just get so giddy. I love the fall colors and smells, I love overcast skies, I love to dress up! (hence my college major), and I love Halloween candy.
Right before I was checked out by the cashier, I was standing in the line, and found something wonderful:
Yes. They look like candy corn. They initially taste like candy corn. But they are basically white chocolate in the middle. What SUCKS is that they are a limited edition! I always get my favorite treats for a limited time only, like Festivus Ben and Jerry's- the ice cream of the Christmas Season.

Anyways, enough blathering on and on. Here are the last two Halloween costumes I made Dave and myself wear! I can't wait to come up with something for this year!!!

As Napolean Dynamite's Deb and Rex Kwondo.

As a Thug and his Biatch last year (that one was really fun). Can't wait for this year! Any good ideas??

Wednesday, September 19, 2007


To follow up that silly post, here is a meaningful post of some of my other sister friends, brothers, and parents in Carpinteria, CA this summer.Courtney, Mom and Shelby in Santa Barbara

Grandma Kay, Dave, Shelby, Matt, Courtney and Mom

Michael- Ann, Jon and Kendall

Alyse and Jana

Sandi, Ryan and Chris

Dad and Ashley!