Thursday, September 27, 2007

Fund Raiser for Mitt

With Mr. Romney himself! I said Hellooo! really long and drawn out- then I said (refering to my gpa and me) "We're liberal, but we like you!"

Momasita and Jon

Dad and his boyfriend Dale. Those two!

Yes, we KNOW we're sexy. Some guy was giving me the eyeballs in a mirror reflection- first I smiled then realized he was trying to flirt and slowly shifted out of his view and displayed my wedding ring. Puhlease!

Good looking brother Jon.
He's available.


Ashley said...

That is totally cool!

Elizabeth said...

mitt in sacramento? weird.

Jana said...

Shelby - How is it that Mitt is the only one without "red eye?" Seems a little suspicious to me...maybe he's really a reptile or something! LOL