Saturday, December 19, 2009

Christmas party

I wore my mom's Christmas sweater, and a couple of Christmas pins!

Courtney's "creative sweater" was too itchy, so she ditched it... Dad's crazy sweater is PERFECTly beautiful! :)
I got to see my dear friend Kara and her baby Luke! It was great to catch up!
Shelby and I took a portrait in our crazy sweaters in front of the fireplace. Classic.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Been hanging around

I've been having lots of fun while on Sabbatical, here I am with Jon, Mom and Dad at In-N-Out... I love a fresh delicious hamburger, anytime!
Shelby and Dave

Baby Shower!

And make sure to check out more pics on Shelby's blog!

Soon to be Grandma's! (again!)
Delicious foods... Shelby practically did everything all by herself, she rocks!

Two of the funniest people I know...
Court got some really really cute stuff!

Sandi, Alyse, Maverick and Carol- we had so much fun with Alyse who flew out special for the shower!

The cutest boy I've seen in a long time... (excluding Connor of course!)

What I'll miss about NYC

My work friends! Anna, Mark, Isaac and JohnEspecially these two... Mark and Isaac!
Alicia, Becky and BRENDA!
Mark, Whitney, Ash and Rachel
April and Jeff
Kimmie Jones

And so many more! miss you all!

Christmas time is here!

Here I am with my new best friend...

Courtney fluffing branches for the tree assembly!
The red "2" ornament, signifying the 2 train in NYC! Isn't Courtney's pregnant belly cute?!
Dad (bkgd), Shelby and Mom!
The tree is beautiful! Stella likes ornaments too.

It SNOWED in Granite Bay!

Weird, right? It was GREAT!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009


I am a college graduate! Here's the proof...Yay me!

Monday, November 30, 2009


Christmas time is here! This time of year is so cheerful and festive, I just love every minute of it. And then tonight Jon says to me, "Ashley, you look like an elf."
(Will Ferrell cracks me up)
Sure, it's Christmas, and yeah I'm in the holiday spirit, but who on earth wants to look like one of Santa's elves? I said to Jon, "You think I look like an Elf??" and Jon says matter of factly,
"Yeah, you do!.... just like from Lord of the Rings!"
(Arwen is one bad-a elf)
Offense never turned so quickly into compliment! I suddenly remembered my hair was straight. He didn't think I looked like a short silly Santa elf, he thought I looked like a beautiful Arwen elf! Talk about rad!

Now here's a Q... if I wear my hair straight more often, does that mean I get one of these? If so, I'm down.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

I'm gone.

It's official. I no longer reside in New York. I am taking a sabbatical in California and will be moving to DC come January. I have some pics from my last few days in NY and will post soon. 3.25 years flew by so fast! I am way excited for what is ahead, and will keep you apprised of that when there is more to tell.

Happy Thanksgiving, and let the Christmas season begin!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The Prisoner

I watched this AMC mini-series over the last few nights, and really enjoyed it. It was very confusing and at times disturbing, but overall so interesting and original I just couldn't stop watching. On top of which Ian McKellen and Jim Caviezel were dynamite! Ian McKellen as "Two" and Jim Caviezel as "Six". Weird, I know!

Here is a review I found online to give you a little more info about the show. And here is my chopped down synopsis:

The Prisoner poses a variation on popular culture's great question of social conscience: are you part of the problem or are you part of the solution?

Prisoners on the solution side bide their time without emotion or opinion in a desert oasis called The Village - literally the only place to be - nothing exists outside the Village. Number Two (McKellen) is head of the mysterious Village. Number Six (Caviezel), a former data collector who resigned over the company's questionable practices doesn't know how he has awakened in the desert outskirts of the Village. Number Six soon finds that he is not alone in his confused and desperate state when he discovers that some Villagers have secretly been making sketches of memories from what might be, God forbid, lives before the Village. He and others want to escape the Village. But how?

I've always wanted to

see THE LION KING on Broadway! So last night, I did! And my seats were AMAZING! 2nd row center! What a fantastic show! The puppets were incredible! The Giraffes and Rhino were my favorites! And the Cheetah was pretty rad too! The music was phenomenal! I love love loved it. The lionesses were so beautiful when they danced! Scar was scary! And Mufasa was fab! Rafiki was fun (played by a girl) and the dudes that sing the "Na-za-ven-ya!" song were killer! Loved them!

Monday, November 16, 2009

♫ Start Spreading the News!

I'm leaving... Monday!
I'm gonna leave the heart of it!
New York! New York! ♪

I did something tonight that I haven't done in the last three years and three months (the time in which I've lived in New York City). I walked through Times Square from top to bottom and stopped at EVERY stand selling New Yorky stuff, and bought as much as I could carry! I figure, once I'm gone I'll wish I had some clothes that say "I♥NY" and I'll want some pictures to hang on my wall of memorable New York scenes- in addition to a new variety of scarves. I haggled my way from 54th to 42nd street and came out a champion! Here's what I have to show for it:


Parky Park

My fave. A photo that makes the nasty muggy New York rain look beautiful. *sigh.

Friday, November 6, 2009

World Series Champions! The Yankee's Ticker-Tape Parade

This morning I was awakened at 7:00 am by chanting! I looked out the window, and there were people already lining up for the Yankee's ticker-tape World Series victory parade that was set to begin at 11:00 am! By around 9:00am, the streets were PACKED! New York really showed up to support the home team! I got to work around 10:30, and by 11:15 I was back at my apartment with two of my co-workers. How could we pass up the opportunity to see this awesome sight?! My apartment is right along the parade route, and we had a fantastic view!
We're pretty high at 14 floors up, we could see everything! Here are some of the Yankees being driven by in a double decker bus. There were also several bands playing, and the crowd was chanting non stop! Here are the actual players being driven by in a float. There were tons of white shredded paper and other kinds of paper flying around in the sky, all the offices were dumping the shredded paper out their windows, it almost looked like it was snowing with a blue sky!
Here I am with my co-workers Isaac and Katie... we were leaning so far out the window our feet were off the ground! You can see over my right shoulder where some paper shreds are falling through the air... I kid you not, there were shreds like that EVERYWHERE in the air! It was way cool.
I'm pretty sure we had one of the best views, the streets were packed with fans! And the best part about it? We saw the entire parade and were back to the office within 50 minutes of when we left! :) It was so fun, and totally worth it!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Halloween Weekend

This weekend Mom and Dad were in town for the ING New York Marathon! We did a lot of fun things while they were here, including eating brunch at this place called Norma's in Le Parker Meridian Hotel, that was SO delicious, I totally recommend it.
We also saw the Phantom of the Opera!
We watched the New York marathon!
Here are Mom and Dad enjoying the race in all the cool orange gear they gave us.
Here is the winner making a lap with an American flag, he is from San Diego, CA.
Here is my Halloween costume... it was so rainy and gross on Halloween night that we just ordered in and hung out at the hotel! Oh and, I'm a witch.
And here are some long awaited pictures of my new apartment!
This is my room (well, half of it, I share!)
Here's my living room with dad looking out the window...
This is the view out that window... of Trinity church and up Broadway
I'd say come and visit, but I'm MOVING! :) If you can make it in the next 15 days, I'd love to have you.