Saturday, January 12, 2008


Merry Christmas! Here are some pics from our Christmas this year....

A lot of Dave's fam in Utah!

White Christmas

A Christmas Day Hike with Phoebe.

Us in our presents from my parents- a tie for Dave and a sweater for me!

It is my GOAL to be the favorite Aunt on BOTH sides of my family. yes.

This cute little guy, Axel Greer, stood in front of me with his blanky, so I picked him up and he fell right asleep on me for 2 hours! How adorable.

Dave as the horse.

Dave in his Christmas present! I got him an apron with our pictures all over it! (he loves to make things in the kitchen)

Our Charlie Brown Tree. Merry Christmas!

San Diego Zoo

Here are some highlights from our visit! We went on New Years Day and it was so fun. We felt very Zooish after the people were attacked in San Francisco, ironically, and so we had to go be crazy and risk our own lives at our very own, and yes World Renowned, SAN DIEGO ZOO!
Like Harry Potter! I fell through the glass! ag!

Why not get up close and personal in the Petting Zoo? I hear myself asking, myself...
"You're Fired" We HEART otters- especially with little gimpy/stubby paws.
Meercats- kinda cute, kinda evil, they were close enough to pet, but BEWARE- the little buggers BITE.
It's Dave's turn to be mauled by the Mandrill.
...devil eyes....
the Mountain Lions were going CRAZY over a man pushing his 2 little kids in a stroller past the exhibit, it was CREEPY (I was always scared hiking in Utah because of those cats.
The END.