Wednesday, July 20, 2011

And why not a pie

What do you get when you cross all the left-over dessert makings in Ashley cupboards and fridge (with help from friends)? Toasted coconut crust smothered in melted milk chocolate topped with chilled sugared strawberries. YUM.

Birthday TWO

So, it turns out my roommate Erin is a REALLY GOOD LIAR. Last Sunday afternoon, the day I got back from my two week vacation, which also happened to be 3 days after my official birthday, Erin managed to throw me a party without my knowing, even though she managed to prepare for it RIGHT IN FRONT OF MY FACE! She would be making goodies left and right and I'd say "what is that for?" and she'd give me some line about people at work or, trying to use up the rest of the lemonade mix, etc, and I TOTALLY bought every line. And then suddenly all these people were at my house being nice to me in the name of BIRTHDAY all over again. :) It was definitely a surprise. Definitely a good one!
We thought we'd all get a pic with the cardboard cut-out the guys surprised me with before I left town. I nearly had a heart attack when I walked into my room and saw a strange "man" standing there. Glad it was just a cut-out! :)
And here's a shot with me, Jimmy (front) and the twins- back L Andrew, back R Jon. Kinda feels like a weird family portrait...

And FINALLY a shot with the world famous Erin, my roommate extraordinaire. (and Damon, the cardboard cut-out again, of course). :)Thanks E!


Shopping in Roseville! Me Shelby Jon. They are awesome. :)

I did another excellent job this year by taking only 5 pictures at the beach. But they are a really good five I swear! Proof below. :)

Me and Jessica at Cajun Kitchen. I know you can't see (in this picture) but Billy Baldwin is standing 10 feet to the right. Fo real!

Courtney and Luke getting their beach on.

Luke giggled and covered his mouth! SO adorable, this kid is a champ. My immediate family! ie bro's and sis's and 'rents. L to R: Ryan, M-A, Alyse, Court, Mom, Dad, Jana, me, Shelb, Jon. I like it when we snap one of the ten of us. :)

Me and Shelby!
The End!

Birthday ONE

My friends took me out to dinner at PF Changs for my birthday before I left town. They are so nice and fun! :) L to R: Heather, Midge, me, Jimmy

I think pics of people blowing out candles always looks weird. That dessert was mighty tasty. L to R, Midge, me, Jim
(My wish DID come true, btw)

Here was the bday crew- minus Jimmy and Erin- Erin is not in any of these pics! She was the photographer.
Thanks friends! I heart you all. :)