Sunday, May 31, 2009


I finally gave in... I FINALLY watched Twilight! And I REALLY liked it!! For some reason I have an aversion to vampires... probably because I group them with werewolves, and one time my friend and I were walking down the street and this creepy looking fellow, bald on top with a long pony tale in back, was wearing a shirt that said I'm a Werewolf and my friend turns to me and says "Hey Ashley, you like that guy." and I said, "scuse me??" and she said " you like that guy, cause you like werewolves." Anyway, that moment forever ruined me for werewolves, and hence vampires (cause you know, vampires and werewolves are like mortal enemies in the fantasy realm).

The point is, I finally saw Twilight, and it was great, and you should see it too.It occurs to me that I REALLY LOVE watching Love stories. I am a romantic. I think that's why I want to see Terminator again but I can wait awhile to see Star Trek, even though to me Star Trek was a 10 and Terminator was like an 8.5 or so... it's all about the Love story! Terminator lights my fire. Or maybe it's this guy! ;)

Friday, May 29, 2009

Terminator Salvation

I really liked this movie! It was action packed, I was biting my nails like half the time, I gasped a lot, really liked the story, AND totally fell in love.
How can you go wrong with not just one, but TWO hotties?!
Who is this, and why have I not seen him before?! His character, Marcus Wright, is uh-mazing! He's troubled, totally flawed, and totally sexy. Love it.
Here he is with sexy robot face, saving the world. Hot.You should see this movie! And if you're a dude, it's totally worth it... aside from the hot guys... ;)

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Polar Bears in NYC?

I was walking home from work when I ran across this guy walking his Polar Bears! Seriously, those dogs were HUGE.In trying to find out what kind of dogs they were, I typed in "Polar Bear Dog" in Google, and THESE pictures came up...
A Polar Bear and Sled dog actually became FRIENDS! Talk about random/crazy!
That reminded me of this picture I'd seen before, a monkey and a kitty that were friends...Which led me to this pic, of Koko the famous Gorilla with her kitten...And then finally this picture... a Chimp and baby white tiger playing. Animals are SO CUTE... especially baby ones... and especially when different animal species become friends. *sigh*

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Memorial Day in G Bay

Here are some highlights from my trip home!
Look out, Zoolander... Sienna does Blue Steel better than you!

Here is Shelby and Elizabeth...
Sandi and Connor... SO CUTE!!
The camera loves Connor... or maybe I love Connor... what can I say?! He's CUTE
I love this one of Shelby and Connor...
Had to get a backyard shot!
After the party with Mom... we are tired.
Dare we forget about Stella! That dog is crazy town!
Twins and puppy...
And a classic Shelby style pic (I've always wanted one) of people/pets (though no pets in this pic) sitting on the couch. Sigh! I wish I was there RIGHT NOW!
The End!

PS We MISS COURTNEY!!!!! Just 2 months until Jessica's wedding!!!!!

Utah for a day!

I was in Utah this past Friday for approximately 31 hours total. While there I did MANY important/wonderful/fun things!

#1- I FINALLY finished my last class! I am a graduate! Officially! Woohoo!
I was by myself when I took this pic... I hopped out of my car and snapped a pic of my head in front of the BYU sign on Canyon and Bulldog. Woohoo!

I met up with Val for lunch! We had so much fun catching up.
This is Val and her baby Nate... isn't he a cutie!? Shelby and I both think he looks like Doug, Val's brother.

I also got to hang out with Grant for a bit before he was whisked away on a hot date...

That night, Marissa, Tristan, Michael-Ann and I all sang along to Sing-Star, the karaoke Nintendo game.

And here is Michael-ann and I... Sisters, sisters!
I also got to see Jana, Jessica and Jim for a bit, but neglected to take out my camera! It was great to see everyone!!

Cool SPACE pics...

These pics came up on my Nat Geo home page today... they are totally cool!Here is the space shuttle Atlantis passing in front of the sun... this photo was taken using a telescope with a special solar filter.And here is Astronaut Mike Massimino on a space walk. How fun does that look?! SO fun. :)

Friday, May 15, 2009


Me and my sleepy slobber puss!
The people/animals in my life are finally co-habitating in peace (most of the time...)

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Funny stuff from

These messages were found on hotel room toiletries in Tokyo, Japan. Check them out...

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Visiting Courtney and Matt in Pohnpei

Visiting Courtney and Matt in Micronesia is probably one of the most wonderful things we have ever done! Here is their island on approach in the airplane. It was spectacular!

The island is magnificent, the people are incredibly friendly and accomodating, the food is without description! This may be why mosts people eat food from their front yards. Here is Courtney in her front yard.

Courtney and Matt are wonderful. Happy, engaged in island life, and absolutely loved and appreciated by all! Matt was able to introduce us to all of his co-workers including the two gardners, by name, with anecdotes about each. Here is Matt in the Supreme Court. He sits at the table just in front of the Judges. No air conditioning. Its usually in high eighties with humidity at that level too.

Then, when he noticed an older man missing from church, tracked him down to the local hospital and went over to give him a blessing. He thoroughly impressed his in-laws!

Courtney has adapted to island life without a hitch, finding great enjoyment in the nightly entertainment show of geckos eating moths. Here we are on the patio...sorry you can't really see the incredible view of the ocean and surrounding reef and islands.

Without a thought she cleaned the gecko poop off the kitchen counter and proceeded to cook a Mexican feast for eight, made from a mixture of frozen (check the date!) tortillas, canned tomatos and chicken and homemade salsa, rice, and beans. Here are some of the guests for Mother's Day, Matt, Ben-his coworker, Elder Riding, Sister Riding, and Courtney.

Then off to Congress to greet the FSM President, American and Japanese Ambassadors and Senators attending the opening of Congress, where, by the way, the Pinneys were introduced (Mr. Nancy and Jan Pinney-Matt is known as Mr. Courtney!) and now become part of the Congressional record for the FSM.

We had so many wonderful experiences and can't wait to tell all the rest of the stories. All in all, a great time....recommended to all!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

What Should ASHLEY Do With Her Life?

After 3 Years on the East Coast, I have finally done what I should have done 3 years ago... well, what I've almost done. On May 22nd, I will OFFICIALLY take my FINAL college Final, and I will FINALLY have met all my requirements for Graduation! That's right, folks, I am practically a college graduate! 10 days and counting! And I'm right on schedule!

This new sense of accomplishment has me wondering... what is next for my life? I've hit a fork in the road (well, I may have placed said "fork" in road, but either way...) I would like your help in deciding what I should do next!

Please MIX and MATCH whichever of the
you think would suit me best.

Note- I currently work in "Television Production" and live in "New York".
ALSO- if you have any BETTER ideas, I'm ALL EARS!

What to do:
(in Alphabetical Order)

Grad School
Law School
Production (film)
Television Production
Write a Book
New Zealand
Where to go:
(in Alphabetical Order)
Las Vegas
New York
New Zealand
San Francisco
Santa Monica
Washington, DC
Las Vegas