Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Visiting Courtney and Matt in Pohnpei

Visiting Courtney and Matt in Micronesia is probably one of the most wonderful things we have ever done! Here is their island on approach in the airplane. It was spectacular!

The island is magnificent, the people are incredibly friendly and accomodating, the food is without description! This may be why mosts people eat food from their front yards. Here is Courtney in her front yard.

Courtney and Matt are wonderful. Happy, engaged in island life, and absolutely loved and appreciated by all! Matt was able to introduce us to all of his co-workers including the two gardners, by name, with anecdotes about each. Here is Matt in the Supreme Court. He sits at the table just in front of the Judges. No air conditioning. Its usually in high eighties with humidity at that level too.

Then, when he noticed an older man missing from church, tracked him down to the local hospital and went over to give him a blessing. He thoroughly impressed his in-laws!

Courtney has adapted to island life without a hitch, finding great enjoyment in the nightly entertainment show of geckos eating moths. Here we are on the patio...sorry you can't really see the incredible view of the ocean and surrounding reef and islands.

Without a thought she cleaned the gecko poop off the kitchen counter and proceeded to cook a Mexican feast for eight, made from a mixture of frozen (check the date!) tortillas, canned tomatos and chicken and homemade salsa, rice, and beans. Here are some of the guests for Mother's Day, Matt, Ben-his coworker, Elder Riding, Sister Riding, and Courtney.

Then off to Congress to greet the FSM President, American and Japanese Ambassadors and Senators attending the opening of Congress, where, by the way, the Pinneys were introduced (Mr. Nancy and Jan Pinney-Matt is known as Mr. Courtney!) and now become part of the Congressional record for the FSM.

We had so many wonderful experiences and can't wait to tell all the rest of the stories. All in all, a great time....recommended to all!


Ashley said...

How fantastic and wonderful!!!! What a fun trip!! And Courtney's hair is getting so long! It's SO pretty!!!

Courtney and Matt said...

YAY! It's so good to see the pics! I have been working on our pics to upload to our blog and will hopefully be able to accomplish that in the not too distant future. It was GREAT having you guys here!!

Grandpa Noble said...

I tried to leave a comment about about the trip and the discussion at brunch at Denny's today. (5/16/09) By the time I had been able to get into Google and the blog, they had junked my post and I have forgotten what I said.
It was all great, and the pictures (even before Matt's show up) were great. The picture of how small the atoll looked makes one wonder how big the volcano that created it was. How deep is the ocean where Courtney and Matt are living?
They are not too far from Guam which is near the Marianas Trench. This is supposed to be the deepest place in the Pacific Ocean.
However, it is far enough so I don't think Matt has t o worry. If his surfboard breaks he won't sink very far.

Anonymous said...

hey Courtney- nice coconuts