Monday, May 4, 2009

Birds can shake it too!

Cats, dogs, and lab monkeys spend lots of time around human music. But no animal has ever been confirmed as moving to a beat—leading to the common belief that animals ain't got rhythm.

Snowball the parrot seems to love "dancing".

To test whether the sulphur-crested cockatoo was really keeping a beat, scientists would change the music's tempo.

His tastes may be sooo ten years ago, but the Backstreet Boys' smallest fan has helped scientists make an all-new discovery: Birds can dance.

The team theorized that dancing in rhythm relies on brain systems for vocal learning, found in humans and many parrots—an idea put to the test by another study at Harvard University.

"Across the hundreds of species in the database, we only found evidence of keeping a beat in species that could imitate sound," the lead scientist said.

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shelbybelby said...

That was hilarious.