Sunday, May 31, 2009


I finally gave in... I FINALLY watched Twilight! And I REALLY liked it!! For some reason I have an aversion to vampires... probably because I group them with werewolves, and one time my friend and I were walking down the street and this creepy looking fellow, bald on top with a long pony tale in back, was wearing a shirt that said I'm a Werewolf and my friend turns to me and says "Hey Ashley, you like that guy." and I said, "scuse me??" and she said " you like that guy, cause you like werewolves." Anyway, that moment forever ruined me for werewolves, and hence vampires (cause you know, vampires and werewolves are like mortal enemies in the fantasy realm).

The point is, I finally saw Twilight, and it was great, and you should see it too.It occurs to me that I REALLY LOVE watching Love stories. I am a romantic. I think that's why I want to see Terminator again but I can wait awhile to see Star Trek, even though to me Star Trek was a 10 and Terminator was like an 8.5 or so... it's all about the Love story! Terminator lights my fire. Or maybe it's this guy! ;)


Courtney and Matt said...

Well if you liked the movie, then you would LOVE the books - so much better!!

I'll bring them to Carp if you want to borrow (if you don't give in and buy them before then!!)

Ashley said...

Let's be honest, I'll probably give in! :) I can't wait to see you!!!

thinkHP said...

yesssssssssssssssssssssss listen to Courtney!