Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Utah for a day!

I was in Utah this past Friday for approximately 31 hours total. While there I did MANY important/wonderful/fun things!

#1- I FINALLY finished my last class! I am a graduate! Officially! Woohoo!
I was by myself when I took this pic... I hopped out of my car and snapped a pic of my head in front of the BYU sign on Canyon and Bulldog. Woohoo!

I met up with Val for lunch! We had so much fun catching up.
This is Val and her baby Nate... isn't he a cutie!? Shelby and I both think he looks like Doug, Val's brother.

I also got to hang out with Grant for a bit before he was whisked away on a hot date...

That night, Marissa, Tristan, Michael-Ann and I all sang along to Sing-Star, the karaoke Nintendo game.

And here is Michael-ann and I... Sisters, sisters!
I also got to see Jana, Jessica and Jim for a bit, but neglected to take out my camera! It was great to see everyone!!

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Courtney and Matt said...

How fun! Congrats on your graduation! Val's baby is adorable!!