Tuesday, May 12, 2009

What Should ASHLEY Do With Her Life?

After 3 Years on the East Coast, I have finally done what I should have done 3 years ago... well, what I've almost done. On May 22nd, I will OFFICIALLY take my FINAL college Final, and I will FINALLY have met all my requirements for Graduation! That's right, folks, I am practically a college graduate! 10 days and counting! And I'm right on schedule!

This new sense of accomplishment has me wondering... what is next for my life? I've hit a fork in the road (well, I may have placed said "fork" in road, but either way...) I would like your help in deciding what I should do next!

Please MIX and MATCH whichever of the
you think would suit me best.

Note- I currently work in "Television Production" and live in "New York".
ALSO- if you have any BETTER ideas, I'm ALL EARS!

What to do:
(in Alphabetical Order)

Grad School
Law School
Production (film)
Television Production
Write a Book
New Zealand
Where to go:
(in Alphabetical Order)
Las Vegas
New York
New Zealand
San Francisco
Santa Monica
Washington, DC
Las Vegas


Anonymous said...

Law school??- NO. I think you should move to New Zealand for ONE YEAR and work in production.

Brenda said...

My vote is the same as Shelby's:
New Zealand. One year. Then come back to NYC! :) [Oh, that would be what is best for ME. Okay, okay, thinking best for Ash now...] After your year in New Zealand, move to London.

Britt said...

yeah, i'm more on the selfish train--DC, baby! and if you're seriously considering law school, talk to joe.

Ashley said...

Woah, when you mention Joe's name in the same sentence as law school, it reminds me of all the law school posts I've read on your blog... perhaps we should delete law school from my list of options!

Nancy said...

Sacto anyone? First I've heard of law school....Shaina just did it, so it is doable. What does Ashley WANT to do?

Ashley said...

I was just trying to keep the list interesting (re: law school)... :)

Law School is OUT!

sanpinney said...

New Zealand has always been a dream of mine, take me with you!!

Courtney and Matt said...

well Matt and I plan on traveling through NZ in November so it would be AWESOME if you were living there!!! We were at a dinner party last night with a lady who lives there and she LOVES it. There was also a guy who spent 2 weeks driving both islands and said he LOVED it too!

Also, I say stay in your industry, either tv or film. You know, MythBusters is filmed in the bay area! I'm sure there are fun things to do in your field in CA! Of course LA area, but maybe NorCal too?!? Movies would be FUN! Sci-Fi???