Thursday, September 30, 2010

Ashley is in Ireland!

Well, will be soon anyway! Farewell ash! Have a great trip and be safe and kiss a cute frenchman!
Hopefully you'll have MANY pics posted when you get back! Au Revoir!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Final Countdown. Within the week, I'll be dancing in a meadow with leprechauns! (and Andrew and Carrie...)

And I will capture the magic with THIS! I finally did it. I got a new camera! And I think I LOOOOVVVE it. Isn't it pretty? It has lots of good reviews and fancy features. And I got a sweet deal cause I went to Costco!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


With only 8 days left before my long awaited DREAM trip to Ireland, I have just three things to say.

ONE I went camping this weekend, and I had a great time! I did not take one picture :\ but for the superhero themed breakfast I dressed up as this:
*my costume had slightly more coverage... ;)

TWO I am in LOVE with Cherry Coke Zero. If you took a blood sample from my arm, I have a feeling it would come out CCZ.

In 8 GLORIOUS days I will FINALLY be in

Is there anything better than that?


The world is right.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

"The Office" + Treadmill =

Literally almost fell off when I watched this segment...

Monday, September 13, 2010

Living for it

Well, it's been decided.

Ireland for 6 days...and Wild Card day in...PARIS!!!!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Happy Anniversary Star Trek!

Forty-four years ago yesterday, a legend was born! Star Trek aired it's first episode on Sept 8th 1966. That episode began the original series that (get this) lasted for ONLY 3 seasons. By today's standards, that is NOTHING.Even my fave SciFi show Stargate Atlantis lasted for 5 seasons (and Stargate's original TV series lasted for 10!). That being said, Star Trek had a huge cult following that developed into many successful films and other TV series including (my favorite of the franchise) Star Trek: The Next Generation. Also at the top of my list, the new Star Trek films. Talk about a great re-imagining of the franchise! I loved that movie- and so did all of you! :)


So, the internet was barely working all day yesterday at work, making it impossible to do the interesting parts of my job... and forcing me to focus on expenses (blah). Then around 4:30, a person attempted to exit the floor by way of the security door leading to the elevators, when the doors would not open! My co-worker shouted "Oh no, we can't be trapped in here with no internet!" So funny as it was exactly the first thought that crossed my mind, too!

Do we really live in a world where you can't survive without internet? I'm considering getting an iPhone, but do I really want to be so connected?

And then there's this random delight. Totally takes me back to my New York days...

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Boise State = Champs

Last night Andrew and I went to the Boise State vs. Virginia Tech football game, and it was AMAZING. I have been known to tolerate football in the past, but last night I became a believer.
The evening started with Andrew convincing me that we would get beat up by V-Tech fans if we wore our Boise shirts. At first I didn't believe him, but as we got closer to the game, I got a little nervous! First of all, we reside DEEP in the heart of V-Tech territory. At the stadium in our bright blue I started to feel uneasy when a massively huge V-Tech fan approached and wrapped his arm around a little old woman in Boise blue. We had packed back-up shirts in my purse (in a neutral Green color of course) and at this point, I seriously considered switching into it.

Things got better inside the stadium, though walking through hundreds of Hokies we ran across several who had something "friendly" to say to us. When we reached our seats (very back-row nose bleed section, center field) we agreed that cheering vocally was out of the question. Most of our people were located on the OTHER side of the stadium. By the time the guy in front of us starting dancing the Hokie Pokie at half-time (V-Tech tradition) things had definitely lightened up. And despite the fact that we couldn't cheer at all, the game was fantastic. When we scored the winning touch down, Andrew was in complete shock, and I was jumping up and down. It was SO exciting, with the Broncos down by 4, they managed four clutch plays in 51 seconds (with only 2 minutes left in the game) culminating in a perfect touch down pass to a receiver in the end zone. Unbelievable. With only a minute to go, V-Tech had nothing to offer and folded under the pressure. And the #3 nationally ranked Broncos tasted victory! Completely amazing! At this point Andrew was still in shock. Here is Andrew. As we exited the stadium the Hokie fans were cordial, though all of them insisted they'd never eat another potato as long as they lived.

The game was SO fun and SO entertaining. And today I was SO exhausted. But it was SO worth it. All of it. And after all these years as a feigning football fan, I finally get it. Boise State made a believer out of me. Go Broncos!

The Desk

Our neighbor gave us this old desk for free. It's a cool desk, and we both determined that I would make it BEAUTIFUL! (having convinced Erin to let me have the desk, I got to do all the work)
Nothing like painting with white oil-based primer and then realizing you forgot to purchase the scrub hand wash to get the oil primer off your hands. In your pajamas. Nice.
And the finished product!
Isn't is beautiful?!

Erin's Birthday fun!

We had a lot of fun on Erin's birthday, here are some if the highlights! (aka the things we took pictures of).
Birthday breakfast... delicious pancakes!
Bike ride! SO fun...
We didn't make it very far (have you ever ridden a beach cruiser?!)
And GLENN! We love Glenn, he is fantastic. From the Palm Tree family... and Home Depot.
Happy Birthday!!! :)

Friday, September 3, 2010

The McOmbers in DC!

Courtney, Matt and Luke came to visit me this past week! We had a very good time, and ate WAY too much ice cream (thanks to a certain McOmber who shall remain nameless)....
It was a blast having them here!
Sisters!Capitol Tour! Having a stroller means they put you in a group with all old people so you can ride the elevator. Here our feet are in the exact center of DC! Everything outside this star is either NW, NE, SW or SE.Washington Monument...We spent some time in Old Town Alexandria, and it was great! Cute smiley Luke!
We miss you already (my roommate Erin won't stop talking about Luke). COME BACK SOON!!!! :)

Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Well folks, we are in SEPTEMBER!!!! I know what that means, and I want to tell YOU what that means. We are finally within the month that I will be leaving for IRELAND!!! When I realized this today I jumped for joy! (figuratively... though if I wasn't driving it prob would have been literal...)

So yeah. I can't wait. :)