Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Boise State = Champs

Last night Andrew and I went to the Boise State vs. Virginia Tech football game, and it was AMAZING. I have been known to tolerate football in the past, but last night I became a believer.
The evening started with Andrew convincing me that we would get beat up by V-Tech fans if we wore our Boise shirts. At first I didn't believe him, but as we got closer to the game, I got a little nervous! First of all, we reside DEEP in the heart of V-Tech territory. At the stadium in our bright blue I started to feel uneasy when a massively huge V-Tech fan approached and wrapped his arm around a little old woman in Boise blue. We had packed back-up shirts in my purse (in a neutral Green color of course) and at this point, I seriously considered switching into it.

Things got better inside the stadium, though walking through hundreds of Hokies we ran across several who had something "friendly" to say to us. When we reached our seats (very back-row nose bleed section, center field) we agreed that cheering vocally was out of the question. Most of our people were located on the OTHER side of the stadium. By the time the guy in front of us starting dancing the Hokie Pokie at half-time (V-Tech tradition) things had definitely lightened up. And despite the fact that we couldn't cheer at all, the game was fantastic. When we scored the winning touch down, Andrew was in complete shock, and I was jumping up and down. It was SO exciting, with the Broncos down by 4, they managed four clutch plays in 51 seconds (with only 2 minutes left in the game) culminating in a perfect touch down pass to a receiver in the end zone. Unbelievable. With only a minute to go, V-Tech had nothing to offer and folded under the pressure. And the #3 nationally ranked Broncos tasted victory! Completely amazing! At this point Andrew was still in shock. Here is Andrew. As we exited the stadium the Hokie fans were cordial, though all of them insisted they'd never eat another potato as long as they lived.

The game was SO fun and SO entertaining. And today I was SO exhausted. But it was SO worth it. All of it. And after all these years as a feigning football fan, I finally get it. Boise State made a believer out of me. Go Broncos!

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