Friday, May 29, 2009

Terminator Salvation

I really liked this movie! It was action packed, I was biting my nails like half the time, I gasped a lot, really liked the story, AND totally fell in love.
How can you go wrong with not just one, but TWO hotties?!
Who is this, and why have I not seen him before?! His character, Marcus Wright, is uh-mazing! He's troubled, totally flawed, and totally sexy. Love it.
Here he is with sexy robot face, saving the world. Hot.You should see this movie! And if you're a dude, it's totally worth it... aside from the hot guys... ;)

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Courtney and Matt said...

We haven't seen it yet but I am not much of a Christian Bale fan - that lisp of his drives me crazy when he's trying to be tough!! The other guy looks good though---I've never heard of him either!