Friday, June 5, 2009

Land of the Lost

I saw this movie today and had a great time. It was very funny. If you are interested in a totally random humorous movie, you will like this. I wouldn't take kids to it, but if you have a sense of humor like mine you will laugh a lot.There was this one scene where I literally was laughing so hard I was crying, I thought I was going to pee my pants (thank you ginormous Diet Coke) seriously laughed SO hard.
And a good sign is- I keep remembering parts of the movie and chuckling to myself... That is a GOOD sign, it is VERY funny! :)


Courtney and Matt said...

We just saw this last night! It was pretty funny - although I think Matt and I were the only ones laughing because there was a lot of jokes based on American things (like I doubt Pohnpeians even know who Matt Lauer is). Plus there were only 3 other people in the theater!

This morning Matt was laughing about "Point your toes!" when they were swinging back and forth from the dinosaur!

Ashley said...

hahaha... I keep thinking about the scene where he dumps the jug of dino urine over his head... I will start laughing SO hard wherever I am when that comes to my head. haha... I can't stop laughing now! The point your toes part was super funny too, now I can't stop laughing about that... :)