Sunday, June 14, 2009

Photographer for a Day

My good friends Kyle and Emily are getting married! They asked if I would help them take some engagement photos and I was like... "um... you do know that I don't know anything about photography, right??" They seemed okay with that... and so we set out Saturday morning to the Cloisters, a museum practically at the northern most part of Manhattan at 190th street.Here I am looking like a photographer, I borrowed Heidi's camera- she showed me how to work it so I wasn't a complete waste. We had a blast!! And here is the crew! Kyle, Emily, me, and Mike- Mike, who is actually something of an amateur photography, came along and took several really great pics too. We had fun posing Kyle and Em, and the surroundings were just beautiful!

Halfway through picture taking we assisted in the rescue of a Robin, who somehow managed to get a string wrapped around his leg and a tree branch. Poor little thing was dangling and flapping upside down. Some park maintenance people were standing on an upside down trash can trying to free the little guy. I took this picture and then helped by cutting the string with my keys! Free at last, the Robin flew away. I hope he comes back though, there was a nest (you can see it above) right by where he was caught. I love birds.


Anonymous said...

I wanna see some of the photos you took!

Ashley said...

I'll post my fave's after Kyle and Em send out their announcement with the photo they choose!