Monday, June 15, 2009

Family Home Evening

God supports FHE. Tonight we planned on walking the Brooklyn Bridge. I got several concerned phone calls/texts about whether or not FHE had been moved (because it had been raining all day) but this was what the forecast was every time I checked
Amazing, right?
Here is everyone that came: back L to R- Brenda, Gabe, Lydia's friend, Kim, Dan, Chateau, front L to R- Me, Lydia, KristianThe stormy sky made for a beautiful background! Here is New York City from the Brooklyn Bridge (the tallest pointy building is the Empire State Building)

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Britt said...

yeah, God knew that Joe and I didn't have FHE so he sent Joe's brother home from a mission to live with us and guilt us into having it. the church is true.