Monday, November 30, 2009


Christmas time is here! This time of year is so cheerful and festive, I just love every minute of it. And then tonight Jon says to me, "Ashley, you look like an elf."
(Will Ferrell cracks me up)
Sure, it's Christmas, and yeah I'm in the holiday spirit, but who on earth wants to look like one of Santa's elves? I said to Jon, "You think I look like an Elf??" and Jon says matter of factly,
"Yeah, you do!.... just like from Lord of the Rings!"
(Arwen is one bad-a elf)
Offense never turned so quickly into compliment! I suddenly remembered my hair was straight. He didn't think I looked like a short silly Santa elf, he thought I looked like a beautiful Arwen elf! Talk about rad!

Now here's a Q... if I wear my hair straight more often, does that mean I get one of these? If so, I'm down.