Friday, November 6, 2009

World Series Champions! The Yankee's Ticker-Tape Parade

This morning I was awakened at 7:00 am by chanting! I looked out the window, and there were people already lining up for the Yankee's ticker-tape World Series victory parade that was set to begin at 11:00 am! By around 9:00am, the streets were PACKED! New York really showed up to support the home team! I got to work around 10:30, and by 11:15 I was back at my apartment with two of my co-workers. How could we pass up the opportunity to see this awesome sight?! My apartment is right along the parade route, and we had a fantastic view!
We're pretty high at 14 floors up, we could see everything! Here are some of the Yankees being driven by in a double decker bus. There were also several bands playing, and the crowd was chanting non stop! Here are the actual players being driven by in a float. There were tons of white shredded paper and other kinds of paper flying around in the sky, all the offices were dumping the shredded paper out their windows, it almost looked like it was snowing with a blue sky!
Here I am with my co-workers Isaac and Katie... we were leaning so far out the window our feet were off the ground! You can see over my right shoulder where some paper shreds are falling through the air... I kid you not, there were shreds like that EVERYWHERE in the air! It was way cool.
I'm pretty sure we had one of the best views, the streets were packed with fans! And the best part about it? We saw the entire parade and were back to the office within 50 minutes of when we left! :) It was so fun, and totally worth it!

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Courtney and Matt said...

What a great New York experience! I'm a little jealous I must say...