Thursday, September 20, 2007

Halloween this year...

Guess What??!!

It is almost Halloween (my favorite holiday) and I was just at Target last night buying hangers. Anywho I LOVE HALLOWEEN!!! I said that to Dave this morning "I am so excited it's almost October and thenit's Halloween and we get to eat lots of candy!" Dave paused, looked, "You are such a little kid. I don't know anyone who likes candy as much as you." I said my Mom likes it more (this is true- she's an addict.). But I just get so giddy. I love the fall colors and smells, I love overcast skies, I love to dress up! (hence my college major), and I love Halloween candy.
Right before I was checked out by the cashier, I was standing in the line, and found something wonderful:
Yes. They look like candy corn. They initially taste like candy corn. But they are basically white chocolate in the middle. What SUCKS is that they are a limited edition! I always get my favorite treats for a limited time only, like Festivus Ben and Jerry's- the ice cream of the Christmas Season.

Anyways, enough blathering on and on. Here are the last two Halloween costumes I made Dave and myself wear! I can't wait to come up with something for this year!!!

As Napolean Dynamite's Deb and Rex Kwondo.

As a Thug and his Biatch last year (that one was really fun). Can't wait for this year! Any good ideas??


Ashley said...

This year you should be Spiderman and Mary-Jean! I know Dave will LOVE that idea. :) I love Halloween too!

Elizabeth said...

this is where i first saw Dave and I asked Morag after we left, "...was he wearing a costume? or is that his normal dress..." 'cause i was thinking "shelby - wha--?"

Lindsay Brummer said...

i agree with ash... good idea! dave can wear tights :)

Brittney said...

I HATE limited edition candy, and then I found this wonderful ebay store. It's not like they have a never-ending supply, but they have a pretty good stash on the candy:

Michael-Ann said...

After getting his nails done, tights might not be a problem for Dave! Just kidding!
How about having Dave dress up as a pint of Ben and Jerry's ice cream? Then you could just walk around with a giant spoon!