Monday, September 24, 2007

6 weeks in San Diego

Week 1: job hunting and applying
Week 2: Dave starts his job, Shelby goes to numerous interviews
Week 3: Couple moves in to apartment, Dave starts school, Shelby puts house together, and gets rejected from all Week 2 jobs.
Week 4: Dave busy with job and school. Shelby cleans kitchen 27 times, applies for many more jobs.
Week 5: Shelby gets 4 job offers and accepts the one that sounds the most promising- to start on Monday of Week 6.
Week 6: Shelby's background check takes too long to process and work postpones her start date 2 more weeks till Week 8, leaving Shelby home alone all day long going crazy and wasting money making time.

You see the personal dilemma.

Volitional character in short story- Shelby- offers herself up to previous employer for 2 weeks of work so she doesn't disappear in her own despair. Offer accepted. Shelby goes to Sacramento till October 7 to work at Pinney Insurance till her new job starts on the 8th. Dave continues work and school.

Week 7: Shelby hard at work misses Dave immensely- also hard at work. Wonders if trip was good idea.
Week 8: Couple is able to pay rent and all other bills- run off into the sunset of marital bliss together.


Ashley said...

what?! You're going to Sac for two weeks??

shelbybelby said...

yes m'am!

Elizabeth said...

i'm honestly a bit jealous. my mom was throwing around the idea of bringing me up to sacto for a weekend and i was like "YES! PLEEEASE!" i need some home town favorites like Happy Palace (neighborhood Chinese restaraunt) and Tivo.

Elizabeth said...

ps - i don't think she'll really bring me out. what a tease...

shelbybelby said...

Your Mom IS such a tease. I thought I'd get to go to Happy Palace with you for about 4 seconds. you had me hoping.