Friday, September 21, 2007

David and Shelby's Honeymoon!

All of my brothers and sisters got together and sent Dave and I on a cruise! We went to Catalina and Ensenada Mexico on a 4 day ride- it was really fun! Here are a bunch of pics from the trip!

This is Dave in Long Beach standing in line to get on board!

A mi tambien!

El novio y la novia a la playa! just kidding, still in line...

View from our room in Mexico. Can you believe some guests don't even have a window at all?! And we had a huge one!

At an actual Mexican restaurant being serenaded by a 3 man band. I requested something muy romantico! And they finally figured out what I was saying and played it!

Authentic Mexican Corn Tortillas! Dave's favorite!!

I'm holding the biggest flag in Mexico. It's about a quarter mile away.

Dave in front of the boat....

...Or should I say SHIP. See how huge it was? That's me on the bottom left! Most of it was actually space for cabins.

Awe, how cute. Sunset on the top deck in the chilly windy wind.

I didn't push him! he must've slipped!
And they lived happily ever after! Thanks everyone! We loved our trip!

(The first night on the ship we walked into our room, bed turned down, and sitting on the end of it was an upright towel in the shape of a big phallus. I was so offended, I assumed it was a honeymoon gag. We didn't really get it until we heard about towel folding classes and realized it was actually a snake. Apparently, Carnival likes to fold towels into shapes of animals and leave them on your bed. They could have chosen, say, the elephant the first night, so we at least had SOME clue as to what was going on.)


Elizabeth said...

you deleted the toilet. where did your confidence go?

shelbybelby said...

My SISTER deleted the toilet. She felt my G's in the piic were innappropriate. I disagree but digress...

Ashley said...

I'm glad you and Dave didn't blow overboard in the windy wind.