Wednesday, September 19, 2007


To follow up that silly post, here is a meaningful post of some of my other sister friends, brothers, and parents in Carpinteria, CA this summer.Courtney, Mom and Shelby in Santa Barbara

Grandma Kay, Dave, Shelby, Matt, Courtney and Mom

Michael- Ann, Jon and Kendall

Alyse and Jana

Sandi, Ryan and Chris

Dad and Ashley!


Regiane said...

It was great to see and hear everyone... it has been so long since I've heard some from you Ashley... so, the twins are not together in the same place... what's up with that... hehehehehehehehe... keep posting and I will keep checking... Lots of love form Regiane

Ptown Popstar said...

hey sistas, once i got ashley's email, i decided i'd try to look up my old blog from two years ago. i finally found it and got my password right. anyway, just wanted to say hi. my blog is