Sunday, August 10, 2008

Annual Family Trip to the Beach!!

I will add more pics of the ENTIRE fam soon, but for now, here's the one's I took on my own camera...

The 5 of us strolled through the Art Fair by the Santa Barbara pier.
Matt, Court, Shelby, Dave
Shelby, Maverick and Grandpa sitting on the beach
Jackson's head
Savvy and me
Hello roommates!
Yikes! Court looks cute at least...
Don't forget Dad's daily breakfast at the Cajun Kitchen!! We look tired, it's early! (well, like 9:30)
I was dying for some NY style Thai food, the Siam Elephant did the trick!
Court, Jana and Jim
Double Yikes! They're not actually naked, but that's literally how they walked down the beach for an entire half mile...
I love this, that's my Grandpa!
My cute Grandma's!
Hanging out in SB!
Cute Court and Matt...
Cute Shelby and Dave!
More sisters! Court, Alyse, Me!
Dad and baby Maverick, SO cute!
Carpinteria sunsets... beautiful!


shelbybelby said...

I am so sexy and holy crap my boobs look huge in every picture.

Courtney & Matt said...

1 week was NOT long enough I want to be back there and not working!!! to my sisters I miss you already!!

Ashley said...

Me too!!