Sunday, August 16, 2009

Movie Reviews

I just got home from vacation and have several films to comment on. This list is ridiculously long! I watched 9 movies while away... for a week. :) They are listed in order of when they were viewed (so I could remember them all... it's hard to remember so many movies!)
PS I'm working with a 5 rating system... :)

My Life in Ruins ☆☆☆ I LOVED this movie, very cute, I laughed the entire time!
Knowing ☆☆☆.5 This movie scared the $*#& out of me! Effects were amazing, up until the last ten minutes when the room did a collective "huh?" Weird ending...
Push ☆☆ Too much going on, the premise would have been better for a TV series.
Confessions of a Shopaholic ☆☆☆ Cute. Fun. That's it.
G.I. Joe ☆☆☆ SO fun! This was a fabulous movie! Really cool stuff going on, the bad guys were interesting, the good guys had depth, were funny, the twist surprised even ME, I only realized what was going on about 5 seconds before the big "reveal" and usually I catch on much sooner, so I really liked that. I really liked this movie!
Julie & Julia ☆☆.5 I did not like this movie. I liked the Julia Child parts, but I did not like Julie, she was very unlikable, I had no desire for her to succeed, she annoyed me.
Doubt☆☆.5 Good acting, but I felt something was amiss, then Shelby informed me it used to be a play, and I thought that made sense.
Hannah Montana Movie ☆☆☆☆ This movie was totally cute and fun and I really liked it!
Coraline ☆☆ This movie was creepy, half way into it I found myself hoping it would end soon, but it didn't. The stop animation was nicely done, of course, but the story was too long, I wanted OUT of the terrifying dream world MUCH sooner than they let me.

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shelbybelby said...

Are you kidding me? You put HANNAH MONTANA above DOUBT? Sick and wrong. I LOVED Doubt- it was excellent. I will NEVER see the other movie on purpose. Ew.