Saturday, January 16, 2010

My Bathroom!

I finally got my bathroom organized and situated in a way I deemed fit.

I hung a curtain over my storage closet, and nailed my black mirror to the back of the door. I smashed my finger in the process (it still hurts, but is not black! so I am okay about that...)
I got some cute decorations...
Here's some neat little jewelry hangers in the shape of tree branches! How very anthro of me, I know...
I love love love this panel of the tree branches over green. That baby cost me $3 at Target! The clock was also uber cheap, and they look great!
Lest we forget about the commode... Another NY park pic, and a gray furry rug.
Did I mention I have some closets? I have so many closets, I decided to separate my belongings into groups.

Storage closet in bathroom... for pants, and miscellaneous stuff.
Huge walk in closet, off of bathroom... for all my other clothes and luggage!
and another closet in my bedroom! For my jackets, shoes, hats, scarfs... :) Come visit soon!


Britt said...

WHOA you got so productive after you got home! I have not done anything with my Container Store purchases yet :)

Brenda said...

Love the colors you chose for the bathroom! That is so much closet-space, finally enough room. Looks wonderful and not the least bit cramped, a vast improvement to the NYC space.

JoJo said...

Okay, I am so jealous of all of your STORAGE! The apt. must feel so huge coming from New York, too.

We really have to all get together. Robert's in a crazy term class that is killing us all. But after February 6 he's DONE and I will have some freedom (and so will he)... so maybe we can have a girl's night...

I finally am blogging again. :)

PS- I LOVE the green chair in your bedroom. That is my favorite piece of furniture.