Thursday, January 20, 2011

Uh huh... yeah...

I was reminiscing with a friend about crushes on movie stars. I never crushed hard core on any as a youth (real boys have always been more my style) but I did have some preferences- enter Ben Affleck (thank you Armageddon)and Clive Owen sometime around 2001 when he started appearing in BMW commercials. I had this ad pinned to my wall in the freshman dorms at BYU. Then in 2002 Clive appeared as The Professor in "The Bourne Identity" (I totally loved that movie) though Jason Bourne kills him in a field. Tragic. But hot. Who were/are YOUR celebrity crushes?


Courtney and Matt said...

#1 - Kirk Cameron
#2 - Bon Jovi
#3 - Brad Pitt (still!)

Shelby said...

Shawn from Boy Meets World, then James Vanderbeek from Dawson's Creek, then I think I had a thing for Vin Deisel in college haha. Gross.

April E. Osborn said...

So, it's been ages since I've read or posted on any blogs, but this made me laugh, so I must add mine to the list.

-Jonathan Taylor Thomas
-Devon Sawa

-James Franco (though I fully acknowledge his insanity)
-Robert Downey Jr.
-Joseph Gordon-Levitt

cindee said...

ohhhh, i had the biggest crush on Christian Laettner when i was younger. he played for the MN Timberwolves and is probably 2 feet taller than me. . .but he was da bomb when i was 13!!!