Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Verizon Center

I haven't been an active blogger in 2011, but since my Mom made a special request, here's a little of what I've been up to in the new year.

In January I spent what seemed like an entire week at the Verizon Center! Okay, just two nights :) ... but they were two very fun nights!
Last year 3 friends and I bid on Caps Hockey tickets at an auction, and when the game finally came around I had almost forgotten about it! I realized that I didn't even have a cute RED shirt, so I wore sparkles and a red scarf. You are correct in thinking these guys made fun of me... but not as much as they made fun of the guy that wore BLUE! (the dreaded Ranger's color)Hockey fans take the game VERY seriously. You aren't allowed to leave or enter during active plays! My (slightly obnoxious) friends spent the entire game screaming "FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT!" anytime there was a slight tussle. I suppose even I was hoping for a little bit of this... :)While we saw little fighting, we did see lots of this guy, Ovechkin the Russian. He may (as you can see) be missing a few teeth- but he's the best Hockey player in the world! (or say my friends told me).
My friend Jeff who recently moved here from NYC invited me to a Monster Truck Jam! It was tight, I attempted to dress white trash (though you can't tell), wore my ear plugs, inhaled lots of exhaust, and thoroughly enjoyed myself. :)Last Monster Truck Jam I attended was almost 20 years ago! When I asked when we'd see the tranformer trucks come out, I realized my first experience must have been unique. While "The Grave Digger" was the biggest draw at this jam, I vividly remember seeing Truck-o-saurus eat a few cars and breathe fire back in the day. Good times! :)

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Courtney and Matt said...

hahaha of COURSE you loved the dinosaur truck!!