Tuesday, May 31, 2011


As a last minute decision, I decided to head to Duck Beach, aka the Outer Banks, Corolla, North Carolina for Memorial Day weekend. Here I am with my friend Beth road-tripping! It took us a good 8 hours to get there... lots of traffic... but we were in good spirits with excellent company (and matching outfits)!
Here I am with my friend Bill from the ward. These were the only two photos I took on the entire trip of myself with people. Others not pictured were the McDonald sisters (Midge, Sarah and Ann-Marie) whom I ADORE and the rest of our married/engaged housemates. Talk about a low key no drama weekend! It was great. :)

Here is the one and only shot I took of the beach...everyday hundreds of LDS singles would show up here and hang out. I ran into several of my New York friends including Colin Wheeler, Courtnie Checketts and Krystal Walker. I love my New Yorkies!
I'm glad summer has arrived, opening my pool until Labor Day, but it is HOT! I'm definitely looking forward to the dry heat of Sacramento and the cool breezes of Santa Barbara... less than four weeks and I'll be there!


sanpinney said...

Don't get your hopes up! We have yet to have a hot day, I'm getting worried about the beach trip!!

Britt said...

i need a tan! let's rock the pool ASAP...ours is all drama; we're still trying to get our pool passes, so i'm inviting myself over to yours.

Michelle McDonald said...

I think those are my legs? Pale enough to be. It was a fun weekend!!

Ashley said...

Boo cold weather in Sacramento! It's summer, dang it!

and YES Britt... my pool is your pool!

Midge, those are totally your legs...