Friday, November 9, 2007

NUu eeORK!

Welcome to New York, where the girls outnumber the guys 2 to 1... and that's on a good night!Here's the group that went to Stalking Santa posing with one of the Actor's from the film, he's standing in the middle.
Peace out and have a great weekend!


shelbybelby said...

it took me a while to find you in this picture.... those two girls on the right resemble you. In fact I think that I am their Love child.

sanpinney said...

I know him!! The actor I mean. His family moved into my ward while I was in high school and we were friends at Ricks College too! Small world. It's Daryn Tufts right?

shelbybelby said...

I've seen him on TV too. He did some Documentary (well, a funnyish Q and A thing) about mormons, asking people what they thought mormons were. They played it on KBYU.