Wednesday, May 28, 2008

My celtic love...

I have this thing for poetry, and I think that's in part why I like Celtic music so much... I feel like a lot of Celtic music is poetry... Which is awesome because I just found out that one of my current favorite Celtic songs was actually an original poem by Francis Ledwidge, the Irish poet, set to music by a Celtic group called Anuna. Here are those favorite lyrics...


She'll come at dusky first of day
White over yellow harvest's song
Upon her dewy rainbow way
She shall be beautiful and strong
The lidless eye of noon shall spray
Tan on her ankles in the hay
Shall kiss her brown the whole day long

I'll know her in the windows tall
Above the crickets of the hay
I'll know her when her odd eyes fall
One May-blue, one November-gray
I'll watch her down the red barn wall
Take down her rusty scythe and call
And I will follow her away
I will follow her away


Kathryn said...

I am so glad you posted that poem! I adore that song and I was hoping to make sure I had the lyrics right :) Thanks!

Kristi O said...

Thank you much for posting those lyrics, I could not find them at all. This happens to be my most favorite AnĂșna song (so technically I should know the lyrics by heart,but...). Anuna-maniacs unite! :P