Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Halloween in NYC!

John came to NYC for the perfect weekend... it was HALLOWEEN!!! We went as Maryanne and Gilligan.... Here is our crew from Gilligan's island!
Skipper-Kyle, Maryanne-me, Gilligan-John, Ginger-Brenda, Mrs. Howell-Lyndee
Lyndee was stopped by people who wanted their picture with "Anna Nicole"! We all got a kick out of that... Here we are at the NY Halloween Parade (earlier in the day, our tour guide told us it was the "Gay Parade", and it could have been! We saw literally 300 Richard Simmons!
My friends had some pretty good costumes as well. Check out Flavor Flav! aka Jamar! Don't worry about it, that's foil on his teeth and everything!
Spotted... Serena, Chuck and Blaire from Gossip Girl... aka Whitney, Thomas and Brittany.
Here is my friend Julie (we go WAY back to when we were freshman at BYU!) Her and her roommie were Hannah Montana and Miley Cyrus!Don't worry about it... Meghan dressed up as the Wicked Witch of the East! POST house smooshing! Check out her ruby reds...Here's a bunch of us! Front: Whitney; Left: Kyle, Lyndee, Carly, Thomas, Maria, Brittany, John, Ashley. I LOVE this picture... Lyndee is totally Anna Nicole in this one...Me and John!

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