Saturday, November 29, 2008

Thanksgiving Highlights! (aka- forgot to utilize camera... this is all I got!!)

Thanksgiving was GREAT! as mentioned... forgot to get pics of any of my fam (excepting 1- Alyse (below))

I went to SLC, and got to see Jana and fam!
Went to Provo, got to see Val, M-A and fam!

Here I am with my friends Stephen, Debbie and Grant!
Hitched a ride to Vegas, and caught this pic of a cloud machine in the middle of the desert... super cool if you ax me!
Arrived in Vegas, hung out with Alyse and fam! Saw Shelby/Dave and met STELLA! Snuggled Buster for Courtney!

We had Thanksgiving dinner at Alyse's friend's house, it was delish! We even survived a roll-tastrophe! Alyse whipped out new rolls in NO TIME! We made it in time for dinner and the rolls were a huge hit (duh, Alyse is uh-mazing!)
It was a fabulous trip! I even got an A- on my test. :)

3 weeks till Christmas!!


Britt said...

that picture of the rolls is so awesome. i love it when things like that happen :)

Stephen and Debbie said...

Sure was great to see you! Thanks again for taking us to lunch! Hope you had a great trip back to NYC! Debbie really liked getting to know you better! (And she liked seeing that I am not the only insane person out there!) :)

Lindsay Brummer said...

that sounds fun!!!