Saturday, August 21, 2010

The Real Slim Shady

The Cassini spacecraft has been out there (in space) since 1997 taking pictures and probing. An article caught my eye today called "This Summer’s Sexiest Images From Saturn" which, number one- great name for an article... and number two- I just had to see these images! Because, since when are planetary objects sexy? Well, I wasn't disappointed.
The moon Tethys makes its way around Saturn.

The moon Janus is above the rings, and Saturn’s second largest moon Rhea is below, partially obscured.

The larger Rhea looms over its sibling moon Epimetheus with Saturn and its rings in the background.

And, I thought I would do a little SHOUT OUT to Saturn's tiny moon named 'Pandora'.
Although notso sexy, this 50-mile-wide moon is the original Pandora. For those unfamiliar, the NEW Pandora is the alien planet in "Avatar". It looks like this:

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