Tuesday, August 3, 2010


I made a recent (delicious) discovery that I'd like to share!

Hello Cherry Coke ZERO! No calories but super tasty. Here I have her lined up next to some other delights- did you know they turned Pibb into a ZERO too?! I wonder if that's any good!

I discovered something else very interesting. Dr. Pepper is distributed by the coca-cola company and Pibb is made by coca-cola. DP and Pibb! And all these years I thought they were bitter rivals. Or maybe they're more like Joe Montana and Steve Young, playing for the same team but jockeying for the same position! That's right people, sports analogy.

Shout out to our favorite beverage through the years, DP. Ah refreshing!


Britt said...

HOW DID I NEVER KNOW WE HAD THE SAME GREAT TASTES IN SODAS?? cherry coke zero is da bomb, but every time i want a REAL treat i reach for the dr. p!

Courtney and Matt said...

What is the diff between ZERO and Diet?

Ashley said...

I think it's a dif artificial sweetener... but the ZERO tastes infinitely better in my opinion! Like REAL soda!

Britt, I always knew we were kindred spirits! :)

Nancy said...

You guys are wackos...beautiful and smart, but definitely wackos!

Stephen and Debbie said...

I love my DP! I stopped drinking soda a few months ago (with a few slip ups) but I miss it almost every day! :(