Thursday, November 18, 2010

I almost made it.

Well, it took some real effort this year (as it does every year) to stop myself from listening to Christmas music the day after Halloween. I had been doing really well... until this morning. A great song came into my head and I couldn't resist! By the time I got to work I was belting "Sister's" at the top of my lungs. At least I made it to one week before Thanksgiving!


Courtney and Matt said...

Hey! I don't thing "Sisters" actually counts as a Christmas song - it's from a Christmas movie, yes, but the song has nothing to do about Christmas, right?? So I say you are still safe!

Shelby said...

YES IT IS a Christmas song, crazy. It's in our favorite Christmas movie AND we are made to sing it at the Christmas party!

thinkHP said...

love that movie! love that song!