Tuesday, November 30, 2010


This year the winds took me to New York for Thanksgiving to visit Brenda. And what would a trip to New York be without a stop in to Macy's and the wooden escalators!
Check out Brenda's cute hair! Some of my DC friends also came to the Big Apple... L to R, Brenda, Heather, Chad, Andrew
I forgot to snag a pic of me at the parade... this is what it would have looked like, obviously...For breakfast on Thanksgiving we went to Crumbs. That's right, we ate cupcakes for breakfast. Well... I actually ate a muffin (mom).
Central Park! Two things- I'm short! and- Central Park is pretty.
Yellow anything in nature is the best.
As are my sneakers...
Thanksgiving dinner- my people plus 8 of my closest friends I'd never met! Sweet potatoes are totally the "new" mashed potatoes (in my opinion).
Happy Thanksgiving!

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