Thursday, June 23, 2011


I went to a National's game with friends and we actually WON!
AND I filled out a survey and got a free shirt. Woot. L to R: Jenny, Shanna, Jimmy, me, Andrew
(Not pictured: Jon and Keith)


jlarkin27 said...

Fun! Matt and I went to the Giants v. Nationals game a couple weeks ago and you lost at that one =). Did you guys stay until everyone else left?? That place looks empty!

Courtney and Matt said...

Woops - that was from Courtney!

Ashley said...

Yes, we stayed until the very end... but the stadium was only about half full as it was... Tuesday night game and all :)

And I totally believe that we lost against the Giants! I think it's few and far between when we actually win (except when Strasburg is pitching!)