Monday, February 2, 2009

Kendall Tenney's 8th Annual 5K "Run For a Wish"!

We survived the 5K! It was a blast, here are the highlights...
Here we are getting ready for the race!
Stella was one of the hundreds of dogs at the event! Kendall was in charge! Here he is on the stage making an anouncement. There were a TON of people there, it was so fun!Here's a bunch from our group, Mom, Dad, Savannah, Shelby, Angie, Ashley, Dave, Colton, Lindsay, Talia and Buster.Here is Talia with Buster, he was wearing his numbered shirt, too!Along with the human attendees, we ran into a Wookie. Here is Savvy, Grandpa and Chewbacca.I said to Colton, "oh my gosh, do you want to go get your picture taken with a Wookie?" And Colton said, "no, that's okay." And I was like... "um, well I want my picture taken with a Wookie!" and I dragged him along... :)
Here are two of my sisters and Mom! And Buster!Here's cute little Maverick... he slept the whole morning away! Even on the one mile walk!Savvy spent the whole morning on Grandpa's shoulders.
Me and Shelby right before the run! I shocked myself by crossing the finish line around the 34 minute mark! When I actually checked my time from the chip on my shoe (that measured when I crossed the start line to when I crossed the finish line) it said I completed the run in 32:40!
Here is Jackson crossing the finish line! He was so speedy!Shelby and Talia crossing the finish line!
Yeah, way to go, girls!Kendall and Colton also ran!And don't worry about it, Dad walked almost 2 miles with Savvy on his shoulders... talk about tough! Jackson, Angie, Lindsay, Talia and Buster sitting at the finish line! They all did a great job running! (except Buster, he just watched!)There were several celebrities in attendance, including Sponge Bob Square Pants. The entire event was super fun! Thanks to Kendall for putting it on! We all had a blast! :)


shelbybelby said...

Woot Woot!

Brenda said...

Great job Ash!

thinkHP said...

your family is TOO MUCH FUN! ps. i am in LOVE with A. chewy... B. Buster and C. Stella

love the furry ones

Courtney and Matt said...

That looks like so much fun!! I wish we could have been there! And Buster looks SO cute in that last picture - I miss him!! I miss all of you guys!! COME VISIT!! =)

Stephen and Debbie said...

Looks like such a fun day! That is a great event! We am jealous of your strength.