Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Westminster for the Day!

Took this pic on my camera phone... my crew was filming Rescue Ink (the animal welfare guys from the series I work on) at the Westminster Dog Show today. They needed some extra help, so I went along too, and snapped this photo of the Mastiff breed being judged. Those dogs are huge! And smelly! I hung out with them in the hallway for about an hour... oh, and did I mention slobbery? All their handlers had towels and kept wiping their jowls!


Courtney and Matt said...

I'm so jealous you got to go to the dog show!! did you see any bichons or poodles?

Ashley said...

Sadly, no!! (that's what I really wanted to see...) I saw Mastiffs, Bullmastiffs, pointers of some kind, retrievers of some kind, shih tzus, some white haired curly retreiver-ish dogs (the signs were really small), tea cup somethings (they were really small, couldn't see), and Irish Water Spaniels (a notso cute version of a poodle, poodles are SO much better!)

While I was there I thought of you and Shelby! You both would have loved it!

Nancy said...

I'm sooo glad Stella is not one of the slobbery kind of dogs. We saw one at the Kendall Tenney 5K run in Las Vegas and when he shook his head everybody ducked and ran because slobber when flying everywhere. It was truly gross.