Wednesday, February 25, 2009

My SoHo Palace!

So... as I mentioned, I moved to a new office! It is a wonderful place, I love it (my co-workers can attest! I tell them every few hours...)

Lets start with the Nat Geo waiting room! Special thanks to Mark who modeled in all my photos (to show the human/surroundings size ratio, of course!) Here is what my office looks like! Large, spacious, big windows, I sit around the corner to the right.
I have no idea what this room is for, but it's connected to the kitchen, and I love it's enormity! Talk about cool, you can kick back during your break and watch TV or check your email! OR cozy up on the couch for an afternoon meeting! OR watch a screening of your show!My last office did not have a place to sit and eat lunch. THIS office has a DINING ROOM and a Kitchen! Here is Mark showing the splendor. Classy chandeliers and all!
The kitchen isn't just huge and beautiful... it has amenities! FREE ones!

Every day, free bagels! We even have a snazzy bagel toaster

At my old office, you could never find a fork. The first drawer I opened? <--- Is the office reading my mind?! Loves it!

The best part?? I opened up something that looked like a dishwasher, and THIS was what was inside! ALL the ice I could ever want/need/desire. :)


Courtney and Matt said...

that kitchen and sitting room are awesome! I think I could live there...

Stephen and Debbie said...

That place looks awesome! You just might have to move right in and live there 24/7!

John said...

I'm jealous. That's hecka dope yo!

shelbybelby said...

you work in heaven.