Monday, April 20, 2009

Grey, the color of the day

Today when I was getting ready, I REALLY wanted to wear my comfortable/cute grey pants, so I put them on. Then I thought, I know my grey tennis shoes don't look marvelous with my grey pants, but what the heck, I feel like wearing those too. I put on a blue shirt, and headed to my computer to check the weather where told me it was high forties with a daily high of low fifties. This calls for my newly wearable, security tag free, thick sweatshirt jacket! Oh my, that also turns out to be very grey. I again thought, who cares! I'll be to work soon, where I'll take off my jacket and be wearing a blue shirt and grey pants, which is totally acceptable. So I walked to work, got to my desk, took off my jacket, 15 minutes passed, and I put my jacket back on! It's about 65 degrees in my office (TOO COLD) and I can't NOT wear my jacket!! So the point of this post is, today I look something like a cross between a grey blob and a jolly grey giant. What can you do!



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Nancy said...

Would your mother approve?