Thursday, April 16, 2009

My new favorite show...

Okay, so I may have discovered the most fantastic reality show of my life this week (special thanks to other Ashley). I've successfully watched almost 3 complete episodes, and I LOVE IT. If you haven't heard of this show, or seen it yet, YOU NEED TO. YOU WILL LOVE IT. Well, some of you will love it... If you love reality, fashion, famous people, and characters who are totally fun, then you'll love this show! I love it I love it. WATCH!!! AND it's not even trashy at all, promise.

Stargate, what?!

Shows on MUST SEE list:
The Rachel Zoe Project
And I'm starting to enjoy Stargate SG-1 (it's on SciFi when I get off work)


Plus I saw a really CUTE movie, Nim's Island! It's so fun and cute, and kid appropriate, but fun for big kids too. Watch it! :) It's starring Gerard Butler, Jodie Foster and Abigail Breslin.


Courtney and Matt said...

Well, in Micronesia we get some very interesting shows, and some of them are even current! Here's my list of favorites:

1. American Idol (current season!!)
2. Beauty and the Geek (last season?)
3. Murder She Wrote (1985-ish??)
4. Bondi Beach Rescue on NatGeo (2003-ish)
5. And if I were ever home in the middle of the day like I used to be, Brothers And Sisters is a great show (I think we're still several months behind to current)

But I just decided last night that we are going to unplug the TV except for AI. I mean we are wasting valuable time watching stupid TV when we could be outside swinging on our hammock!

Courtney and Matt said...

BTW that rachel zoe show sounds great - I know she's the stylist to a lot of celebs

Ashley said...

ilove that you love rachel zoe!!!!!!!

Ashley said...

okay, I HAVE to add another show onto my must watch list (I don't have a hammock... set up... so watching lots of TV is okay for me! ;)

Okay, the show is 30 Rock.
Have you seen that show??? It is HILARIOUS. The funniest show on TV these days if you ax me. Shelby, you should watch this at the gym too!

Court, what is this Bondi Beach Rescue? Sounds interesting... I'm not sure that airs on the Domestic Nat Geo...

and Ash, thank YOU for liking Rachel Zoe Project so I would find out about it!!! :) And yeah, Court, YOU would LOVE it!

John said...

Brothers and Sister
Desperate Housewives
Samantha Who
Flipping Out

I'll have to give Rachael Zoe a holler...