Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Idol Breakdown Shakedown by Ashley

That's right. I actually watched it this week. Here they are, the final 7!
And here's what I'm thinking:
Allison- eh? Surprising... ly not good.
Adam- Poor song choice, but boy can he wail! Good voice.
Anoop- I liked him!
Danny- is this the hand guy?! (How am I supposed to feel about every contestant IGNORING Quentin Tarantino's word's of wisdom? Oh wait... that's right, QT's not even IN music). I think I liked this guy...
Chris- Why do they all look the same! I think I REALLY liked this guy...
Matt- BLAH!!! Kick him off.
Lil- ew. Please get kicked off asap.

Basically, this is how I feel. *Please keep in mind, aside from some YouTube clips of Adam, this was my only exposure to any of these people this entire season.


Stephen and Debbie said...

Can I just say that I want Anoop to stop wearing JEANS! MAN, GROW UP!

Courtney and Matt said...

I agree with all your thoughts ash except Anoop - that guy needs to GO. And i LOVE Adam Lambert - I hope he wins!

shelbybelby said...

Don't EVER dis Allison on this blog again! I love her! She is my FAVORITE