Thursday, October 15, 2009

Rhode Island

This past weekend a large group of my friends went to Rhode Island! It was a fun Fall weekend getaway, and we all had a blast! Here are some of the highlights!

Here are two of my car mates, Jeff and Sami...
Me and John, my photography skills are something to aspire to!Jeff cracks me up. He fell asleep and his broken glasses were hanging off his face. Hilarious.On the trip up, we got so hungry! I thought I saw a sign for Denny's and was really excited, only to find out it was a Benny's. They used the same font and everything! And they didn't even have any food, it was a hardware store!

Here's where we stayed! Beautiful Boulder Cottages!
This was the main house where everyone hung out. Here's my cottage, I stayed here with three other girls.
Ash, Colin and I took a stroll down to the "pond" which is more like a huge lake that is right by the ocean. I neglected to take an actual picture of the water...
Here I am picking apples! On the trip, our friend Jenn taught us how to make Apple Sauce, and already I've made is twice this week out of these very apples. It's delicious!!
We drove into Newport, Rhode Island and checked out my new summer home. Only 111,000 square feet and 70 rooms, but I'll make due. (right!)
We took a walk on the cliffs by the mansions, here I am with Shawn, Rachel, Ashley and Peter.
Can you believe this view?! Talk about a beautiful day!!
The drive out of Newport, looks like you're driving into Heaven with the bridge going into the sky!

We all took turns making meals, here's Courtnie and Peter grilling up something delicious!
Here's some shots of the big house. Totally awesome huge kitchen (two ginormous islands!)Family room! A giant screen TV is behind the portrait of the Osprey... which actually live on the "pond"Don't even get me started... This may have been my favorite thing!
Here's some photos from around the cottages. The leaves were gorgeous, I love the Fall!

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Anonymous said...

Looks like an awesome trip! We love the East Coast!