Sunday, October 18, 2009

Sleepy Hollow

Last night we went to Sleepy Hollow to experience the "Legend of Sleepy Hollow" and we did just about that! First of all, when we got off the train, the train stop was deserted, and it was very dark. We saw a staircase going up this cliff, so we started walking up it. When we got to the top of the stair case, we were confronted with a dark and narrow path that was lined with very tall hedges, and we couldn't see where it went! I was leading the way, and when I turned around to consult with the others on whether or not we should proceed, Brenda was already turned in the opposite direction and halfway down the steps! I think she thought it was a little creepy... it was! We ended up following her and walking down the road. I had a map, and aside from walking through several very dimly lit deserted neighborhood streets with very old scary houses , we finally heard music and made it to the Phillipsburg manor (our destination!). Here's what we did/saw!

The Headless horseman ! Very spooky! (he may have been a little spookier if he'd been riding a black horse that didn't look so tired!)
Here's the scary bridge at the Phillipsburg Manor.
Here's Brenda and me in from of the scary bridge.
There were several ghosts at the Phillipsburg manor, but they were too creepy so I didn't take a picture. After checking out Sleepy Hollow, we headed north about 20 minutes to the Van Cortland Manor to see the Blaze, a giant walking tour of thousands of carved pumpkins all lit up. This year they had over 5,000 pumpkins!
The Van Cortland Manor itself was super cool, here's some shots of that. Spooky blue! The house turned pink and purple too.Here's our group! Me, Sarah, Brenda and AprilThey had massive pumpkin designs where they connected a ton of pumpkins into the neatest shapes! All carved and flowing into each other. This was a spiderweb.
This one was a dragon!
These pumpkins are a beehive, and each little pumpkin is a bee buzzing around it!
And this one was my favorite, a field of sunflowers! Each of these is about ten feet tall. So cool!

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That place looks so awesome! What a fun night!