Tuesday, February 23, 2010


It all happened when I was driving to an appointment today, amidst an inordinate amount of traffic (in my opinion for 4pm on a Tuesday) when I decided that I ought to get to know my Sirius radio stations better before they expire at the end of next month. I've had my car for several weeks and have only made it up to station 14- "The Highway" new country.

But then I started to explore, and I found the most WONDERFUL station! Who knew that something so wonderful could even exist- station 76 "Cinemagic"

Cinemagic has changed my life. As I was driving, the world around me became more beautiful. It's like having your own soul awakening soundtrack live in your car! If you haven't experienced this first hand, come take a ride with me. You won't be disappointed!

...and I'll be extending my subscription to Sirius XM, so even if you can't make it by the end of March, we can still ride in style whenever you get to me...

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Britt said...

ugh you are making me really want to maybe spend the money for sirius now, too. thanks :)