Wednesday, June 9, 2010

grape G2 takes like melted purple popsicles

Reminds me of when Shelby smooshed a purple popsicle into my favorite t-shirt (that I was wearing at the time) GBHS Basketball Stat Staff. We were wrestling in the family room after school right under Larry Bird's cage... I was horrified, thought my white shirt was stained FOREVER. I ran immediately and threw it into the washer. Luckily, all the purple came out. I can't remember what the fight was about. But...
I'm pretty sure she started it.

I started it. And... I deserved it.


Anonymous said...

Um.........that's a great story. Too bad it is a lie. Here's the actual story:

YOU were eating a purple popsicle, when you decided to let Tasha (our big black poodle) take a lick. Then you took the popsicle and shoved it in my mouth. I was filled with rage and was going to kill you- I smooshed the purple popsicle into your favorite shirt to punish you for your rude behavior.

Ashley said...


I don't think I would EVER do that... that's disgusting!!!

Stephen and Debbie said...

You two are hilarious. Such a funny story.

Lindsay Brummer said...