Friday, June 4, 2010

Millipede from HELL

I was chattin' it up with Court when I got home tonight, and glanced across the room where I saw a black thing wiggling across my floor!!! It was the biggest nastiest millipede! I've never been one to react strongly to spiders or rats or anything like that... but THIS was DISGUSTING!!! Court insisted I take a picture with something to verify it's size, so I threw down my pen (which I later used to help pick up the millipede and now must be burned). The thing literally made me gag, absolutely disgusting. And HOW the heck did it get in here?!?! Now I'm uber paranoid there are other nasties in my room!!! :\


Britt said...

gross. there are the grossest bugs out here; i hate them :(

Stephen and Debbie said...

Wow. That is crazy. So weird!